Lisa’s Footnotes

I have always, and simply, used my name for my professional identity. For many years I worked on salary and had no need for a personal trademark or logo. But somewhere along the line I came up with the idea, should I ever establish a business enterprise, of calling it Asterisks.

I am now self-employed, but Lisa Mishli still sits atop my letterhead. I believe my name is a strong brand, and serves me just fine. But I have created this blog and named it Asterisks.

Asterisk: A symbol (*) used in text as a pointer to an annotation or a footnote.

Footnote: A note of reference, explanation or comment. The entries I expect to make in this blog are not likely to contain information of any vital purpose; but like footnotes (or endnotes) in a well-crafted manuscript, I trust they will be interesting and enlightening.

Aster: The September birth flower.*  The aster represents Love, Faith, Wisdom and Valor (and bears a strong resemblance to an asterisk, of course).

* I was born in September.


3 thoughts on “Lisa’s Footnotes

  1. היי ליסה
    התגלגלתי גם לכאן…
    הבלוג שלך מעורר כבוד והערצה. ללא ספק הוא מושק ויותר ממנו, הפעילות הספורטיבית שלכם.
    שמחתי “לבקר” ולהתרשם

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