* My 15 Seconds of Fame on the Israeli Sports Channel

At a recent orienteering event, a film crew from the Israeli sports channel came to do a short feature on the sport of orienteering. Since this event was organized by the Modiin Orienteering Club, I had arrived early to perform whatever volunteer duties were needed. When the TV crew showed up, I took it upon myself, as the club’s pro bono PR representative, to direct them towards the best people and places for filming. At some point the reporter decided to turn the camera and microphone on me. Had I expected this, I would have put on some lipstick and makeup.

The segment finally hit the airwaves last week, when the sports channel began broadcasting it as a six-minute filler between programs.

If you understand Hebrew, you’ll be able to understand it. I make two appearances —  first in a  “pre-game” interview, and then at the finish line.


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