* Israel Trail Subtotals – Our First Season

We have now completed our fourth hike, and first season, on the Israel Trail. I consider this our first season, or year (Hebrew or school calendar) of hiking, since this set of four hikes was my prototype. It was very much an experiment, in seeing whether I could assemble a group of like-minded friends from various walks of my life, physically fit and capable of hiking 15 kilometers in a single day.

Now for some numbers – Subtotals, so far:

  • We have hiked 61 kilometers, according to my GPS-recorded tracks.
  • 34 people have hiked the trail with me and Yuval.
  • An average of 16 hikers on each segment.
  • Top honors go to partipants in all 4 hikes: Varda Ingels, Ruthy Alush, David Alush, Musa Yehoshua, Yuval Mishli, and me, of course.
  • Honors go to participants in 3 hikes: Miri Berman, Ilan Berman, Saraleh Halachmi, Avner Halachmi.

Just about everyone who expressed a desire to be a part of this group at the outset has participated in at least one hike. Our second year of hiking will begin in September, at the start of the trail at Tel Dan, and I hope we will have as near a full contingent as possible.

I am looking forward to getting back onto trails, away from the cities and crowds that were the landscapes of our summer hikes.

Our hiking plan for 2009-2009 is also posted on my blog.


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