* Israel Trail Guidebook Author Zevi Gilat

Best Wishes from the Israel Trail Guidebook Author

Last week I attended an interesting lecture about the tombs of the righteous. The speaker, who has published a book on the subject, was none other than Zevi Gilat, author of the Israel Trail guidebook. After the lecture I approached Zevi, told him I had organized a group to hike the trail, pulled the guidebook out of my bag, and asked him to autograph it. He very kindly wrote an inscription, dedicated to me and my hiking friends. “To Lisa and to those walking the way, best wishes for a good journey, from Zevi Gilat”

Summer Hiking Segments 
Save the dates. Friday, July 3 and Friday, July 31.
We will hike along the sea shore in the late afternoon, followed by a kumsitz (campfire picnic) when the sun goes down.
On July 3, moonrise is at about 5 p.m, and the moon will be 88% full. That means the sky should be bright after the sun goes down at about 8 p.m.
Each hike will be easy – about half of one guidebook segment. Yuval and I will study the map and choose the routes soon. If you have suggestions, please share them.


One thought on “* Israel Trail Guidebook Author Zevi Gilat

  1. Lisa, thanks for your comment. I’m glad that there are others like us on the trail.
    We are 3 school friends from Melbourne Australia who have been in Israel more than 20 years but whose friendship goes back almost 40 years (Wow, that makes me sound SO old).
    I will follow your blogs. Perhaps when we get to the centre of the country, in another couple of years, we will do a leg together. If and when you get north be in touch
    all the best

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