* Preparing for Our First Hike

I was delighted with the positive responses from friends who want to hike the Israel Trail with Yuval and me. A group has formed and we hope/expect to have 15-20 people hiking on each segment.

Our first hike on the Israel National Trail: Shabbat, May 2, 2009

Meeting Point: We will all meet at the segment END POINT — in the parking lot of Asa Restaurant at Latrun.

Meeting Time: 6:45 a.m. We will leave most of our cars at Latrun, and take as few cars as needed to get us all to Mitzpeh Modiin, where we will begin our hike.

Start Point: Mitzpeh Modiin (Ben Shemen Forest)
Start Time: 7:30 (or sooner, if we organize quickly)
End Point: Latrun (Asa restaurant / gas station)
Route Length: 17 km
Difficulty: medium
Time: about 7 hours, including rest stops
Route: Segment #21, according to guide book by Zevi Gilat

Hiking shoes
Water: 2-3 liters in backpack or carrier
Hat – mandatory!
Food for the hike
Change of clothes/shoes (leave in car at end point)

PDF file (2 pages) with a map of the area and our hiking route.
Can be printed on A4 paper.

Please Reply
(1) If you have not yet responded, let me know if you want to be a part of our hiking group and/or if you want to continue receiving messages about the hikes.
(2) Also, please send me:
– Your mobile phone number
– Email addresses and mobile of partners/spouses who will also be hiking; we need everyone’s contact details.

(1) Our next hike, on June 6, will be a shorter segment. Then we will break for the summer, and resume hiking in the autumn when the weather cools.
(2) All hiking dates will be scheduled to avoid conflict with orienteering national league events and local meets in our area (central Israel).
(3) The hikes will not be “guided tours”, but we welcome you to share your knowledge of the history, geography, flora and fauna as we hike along the trail.

Let the adventure begin!


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